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Donkey for passion...

The Cultural Association Ciukino born thanks to a group of friends who decide to share their skills and experience in a joint project at the center of which is placed the donkey. As the name suggests, in fact, Ciukino aims to give the right value to an animal, now forgotten, that for thousands of years has been at the side of man as a brother: a bond so strong that, ever since, has led the man to give him the typical person names... (read more)


Attività Didattiche
Learning Activities
The relationship with animals has an extraordinary effect on the growth of children... read more

Trekking Someggiato
Trekking Donkey
Its a walk in nature, in the company of donkeys, characterized by a slow pace due to his natural way to walk... read more

  The onotherapy is part of the assisted activities with animals. It’s considered supportive and co-therapy... read more

Other Activities
  Our proposals include other options: pleasant hiking trails and natural surroundings to discover... read more


Ciukino Association
Via Martin Luther King, 3
94015 Piazza Armerina (EN) Sicily
Tel. +39 328 68 20 251

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