Donkey Trekking

The Ciukino’s staff enticing offers walks for all fans of sustainable tourism and/or for those who simply want to discover the Sicilian territory at the slow pace of the donkey that, with his natural slow way to walk, gives you the opportunity to know and appreciate most of the natural heritage, landscape and archaeological surrounding of Piazza Armerina. Children, teens and adults, with the donkeys, traveling companions simple, patient, friendly and very resourceful, they can live an exciting and engaging experience in the recesses of nature and life of the ancient inhabitants of Sicily to rediscover flavors and traditions of the land of the sun.

Le passeggiate a tema:

Themed walks:


1Donkeys in Mine
Lanterns, picks and a lot of hard work in the company of our precious four hooves friends. The itinerary offers the opportunity to rediscover the path that the mineworkers walked to reach the mine Floristella crossing the old railway track: a blast from the past to rediscover, in the company of the donkeys, the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the sulfur...

2Navone and its secrets
A journey where the past echoes in legends, stories and fairy tales of Monte Navone: among the treasure of the seven kings and what archaeologists have unearthed. It is a unique and compelling walk alongside the donkeys along the trail that leads from the slopes to the top of Monte Navone going over various periods, from prehistory to the Middle Age.

From the most precious resource of the earth to its use as a labor force: a curious journey together with our friends donkeys to discover the medieval mills outside the walls of the old city. Along the way, you have the opportunity to enjoy the ancient Sicilian flavors.

4Donkey city
Feeling, in the city, the pace of the hooves on the bare stone of the streets of the historic center of Piazza Armerina, and admire historic buildings and churches that represent the identity of the city itself. Telling the work of man in harmony with the donkey visiting the ancient city stalls, rediscovering the pleasure of the history, tradition and local culture.


The places to visit and routes may vary depending on the demands and interests of walkers.


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