Firmly believing in a more sustainable land and rediscovery of the territory of Sicily, Ciukino has recently entered into a collaboration agreement with the association "Amici dei Cammini Francigeni Onlus" with which it shares intent and actions for the purpose of discovery and enjoyment of the trails and routes that, today, are called Francigene.

Historical records show, in fact, a network of streets which surrounded the whole of Sicily, both in upstream and coastline that allowed, in the past, thousands of pilgrims to move in the direction of the city of Messina, the port of embarkation for the holy places of Rome, Santiago de Compostella in Spain and Jerusalem.

The Association “Amici dei cammini Francigeni of Sicily”, since 2009, is been studying, researching and mapping these ancient routes to make them usable and practicable again; to give to Sicily and its territories an opportunity for reassessment and discovery.

In this, we at Ciukino, married the intentions of our friends francigeni and in the territories of Piazza Armerina and the province of Enna we are partner network for activities that are carried out.


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